CURE Network was able to host its third clinic program on September 7, 2013 at the MAX Athletic and Exposition facility in McCook, IL. The goal of the clinic was to provide needed dental and vision services to the underserved and to connect patients with available services for their ongoing medical, dental, and vision needs.  Thanks to the support of volunteers, individual donors, corporate donors, and a grant from the Community Memorial Foundation, we were able serve 364 patients.

The value of services provided was $322,868!
All services were provided free of charge by a dedicated group of 240 volunteers.

Summary of the Clinic

  • All patients received nurse triage services to check their general health.
    This was an important first step in assessing a patients overall well-being and ability to receive services.
  • Almost one-third of patients received dental services (fillings, extractions).
    We enlisted the assistance of a great group of local dentists and developed an innovative way to provide services in a patient-centered manner.  Triage was done on-site at the MAX in order to determine what services were most critical for each patient.  Following triage, patients were transported to one of 4 local dental offices where they received fillings and/or extractions.  These offices operated as free clinics for the day.  CURE Network collaborated with Grand Prairie Transit bus company, who donated bus services to transport patients to the dental offices and back to the MAX.
  • Three-quarters of patients received vision services.
    Vision services consisted of basic eye exams to check the overall health of the eyes and to see if prescription eyeglasses were needed.  CURE Network was fortunate to work with the Illinois Institute of Optometry to recruit volunteers.  Thirty-eight students in their Optometry Program volunteered at the clinic.  Advanced screening for glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration was performed if necessary.

    Through partnerships with Modern Optical, AiT Technologies, and Midwest Labs, eyeglasses were made available at no charge to the patients. Additionally, CURE Network secured 400 vouchers for vision exams and prescription eyeglasses through VSP which were made available to those in need.

The vast majority of people served live within 30 minutes of the clinic program location.  Almost two-thirds are female and one-third are male.  The largest percentage (22%) of patients were born in the 1960s and are between the ages of 44 and 53.  Over 17% of patients are between age 54 and 63 followed by 14% between the ages of 14 and 23.  Exit interview data shows that the patients were overwhelmingly satisfied with the services they received. The success of the clinic was a true reflection of our dedicated supporters.  Whether you donated through, mailed a donation, volunteered your time at the clinic, or helped to spread the word about the availability of services — your efforts made a difference.

Thank you for helping to MEET THE NEED.

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