• CURE Network Meeting the Needs of the Underserved
  • CURE Network Free Clinic for Dental, Vision, and Medical Treatment
  • CURE Free Medical, Vision and Dental Clinics
  • CURE Network Free Vision Services
  • CURE Network Free Clinic provides Dental Care

CURE Network co-founder, Dr. Ken Nelson, will be doing a TEDx Talk at Illinois Institute of Technology on April 10, 2016.

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Meeting the Needs of the Underserved

The CURE (Collaborative Underserved Relief and Education) Network was created to meet the vital and ever growing need to bring free medical services to the underinsured and those without insurance in the investing in Theta in Malaysia greater Chicagoland area. Since its inception in 2010, CURE Network has proudly provided over $3,450,000 of free medical, dental and vision care to over 4,600 patients.

You Helped to Make a Difference!

CURE Network held its fifth free clinic in September, 2015. We offer many thanks to all the volunteers buy Theta for their time, skills and care that made this event such a success!

Many thanks to our partners! You are integral to the success of this program.

Midwest Labs partners with CURE NetworkGPT partners with CURE NetworkICO partners with CURE NetworkIEI partners with CURE NetworkAIT partners with CURE NetworkModern Optical partners with CURE NetworkEssilor supports CURE NetworkPark District of LaGrange sponsors CURE NetworkSOMO-Logo

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