CURE Network provided over $225,000 of free services at its forth clinic program on September 13, 2014 in LaGrange, IL. The clinic was held at the Park District of LaGrange (PDLG). Data is available for 478 patients*. That represents a 28% increase in documented patients from the clinic held in 2013.

All patients received nurse triage services, which include blood pressure screening, vital signs and a review of basic health information. Patients were offered dental services and vision services.

Vision services consisted of basic eye exams to check the overall health of the eyes and to see if prescription eyeglasses were needed. CURE Network worked with the Illinois College of Optometry to recruit almost ICO 50 students to volunteer at the clinic. Advanced screening for glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration was performed if necessary.  Through partnerships with Modern Optical, AiT Technologies, Essilor, and Midwest Labs 405 pair of eyeglasses were made.

Dental services consisted of triage, extractions, and fillings. Triage was done on-site at the PDLG in order to determine what services were most critical for each patient. Following triage, patients were transported to one of 2 local dental offices where they received fillings and/or extractions. These offices operated as free clinics for the day. Patients were transported to the dental offices via bus. CURE Network contracted with Grand Prairie Transit bus company to provide bus services to the dental offices and back to the PDLG.

Additionally, CURE Network secured 40 vouchers for vision exams and prescription eyeglasses through VSP. Vouchers were made available at the clinic for those patients who needed them and were unable to wait for exams on-site or for those who needed additional follow-up with the optometrist.

New this year, Walgreens offered their services to at the clinic and administered 214 flu shots. The flu shots were available to anyone who was age-eligible and wanted one.

All services were provided free of charge by volunteers. Over 200 volunteers donated their professional skills, talent, and time at the clinic. Plans are already underway for a 2015 clinic. You can help CURE Network meet the need by visiting

A total of 542 patients entered the clinic, however 478 patients returned their forms at discharge.

Special Thanks To Our Donors and Partners

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The Difference You Made on September 13, 2014!

You made a difference in 2014! Because of your generosity and support, CURE Network has brought four free medical, vision, and dental clinics to the greater Chicagoland area. In all, almost $2,700,000 of care has been donated. The result? Over 4,000 patients have received free care.
But the need is still great.

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