Patient Testimonials

I’ve been unemployed for a while now and am a single mom. I recently got accepted into a culinary arts program. I broke my glasses playing with my grandson. It had been a while because I couldn’t afford another pair. I had been wearing them with one handle. The week I was accepted into the culinary arts program your program was at Malcolm X College. The experience was awesome! Your volunteers were amazing…very patient and very caring. I got my eyes checked, picked out some chic frames and received a pair of bifocal eyeglasses before I left. I have glasses to read next week when I start school and do my work. I am so thankful to you and your program. Thanks again!

— Carmen (A single mom on her new journey)

Thank you so much for your clinic at Malcolm X College. I have had financial hard times the last few years. I had not been to a doctor or dentist for years. On top of that, I lost my last pair of glasses a few months ago. The prescription was about 18 years old. It is really great to be able to see again.

The opportunity for vision and dental services was most providential for me. The care and professionalism I received from the dentist and assistant was amazing. Their warmth and caring behavior went far beyond mere professionalism. I had had great dental work previously in my life, but none compared to the care I received at your three day clinic. I had no idea that teeth cleaning of heavily scaled teeth could be done painlessly. I was the last patient for the dental hygienist that day, and yet she was patient, caring, and gentle.

Where did you find these great people? I cannot say enough how much I was impressed by everyone. Even the people outside and inside helping to inform and direct the people were patient and cheerful the entire time I was there on Friday and Saturday.

Anyway I just thought you would like to know how much your efforts are appreciated.

— Craig

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